About BSAC

Belgian Society for Advancement of Cytometry

The Belgian Society for Advancement of Cytometry (previously the Belgian Society for Analytical Cytology (BVAC - ABCA)) was founded on 5 October 1995.

Cytometry is the measurement of various physical characteristics of cells.

BSAC objectives

To promote the scientific collaboration in all fields of analytical cytology by:
  • Organising scientific meetings in the field of analytical cytology (flow cytometry, image cytometry, quantitative microscopy and molecular techniques)
  • Exchanging information between national and international societies with similar objectives.
To promote the quality in cytometry by:
  • Encouraging and recommending quality controls
  • Exchanging reagents for standardisation
  • Establishing technical recommendations
  • Establishing recommendations for accreditation of laboratories for analytical cytology
To promote education in all fields and at all levels of analytical cytology by:
  • Organising visits and exchanges between laboratories
  • Establishing directions for the training of technicians
  • Organising courses and training
To promote scientific collaboration with the industry

BSAC statutes

The BSAC statutes are available in Dutch and French